Team members work day in and day out with a smile on their face, says manager

Property manager Lisa Smith quoted LL Bean CEO Leon Gorman when she nominated three people for the Steeves and Rozema Quality Improvement Award this year.

"Customer service is just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate type of activity," Gorman says.

For Smith, this is the definition of quality improvement, and three team members she works closely with are the epitome of this approach to keeping clients happy in the commercial buildings they manage.

"That is our kind of quality improvement, our kind of customer service, our kind of success," she says, and that success would not be possible were it not for the cohesive three-person unit she works with in the com-mercial component of the Steeves and Rozema team.Her nomination led to the award being given to building and maintenance operator Phil Draper, building cleaner and maintenance operator Graham Moss and day cleaner Julie Smith.

She says much of the work the team does happens "under the radar," so she's proud the rest of the organization has a chance to see what she sees every day; how important these individuals are to the quality of the spaces in which they work.

"Our staff members are a huge part of our success," she says. "Take away our people, and our organization and our com-pany is nothing," she says.

"Their motivation, their commitment and ability to work together as a team allow us to work well and creatively and productively," she adds. "I'm very pleased they were recognized.

"Smith has watched the team grow more in tune with the needs of the clients and tenants they serve over the years. They work together, anticipating what is needed before the needs arise, she says, helping each other complete whatever task may arise.

With broad smiles, she says, her team members, who were recognized at the awards ceremony on April 20, quietly go "about their business keeping our tenants happy, keeping our commercial spaces working efficiently and looking good inside and out, creating an environment that tenants want to come to and stay."

"That's what quality improvement is," she adds.