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Pay Your Rent Online

Resident Payments

Steeves & Rozema offers our residents several options to pay their rent.  

Residents can choose to provide us with cheques, bank drafts or money orders.  You can drop off cheques to your building manager or at our property management office in our Sarnia head office location.  Please see the 'Contact Us' page for our head office locations.

We have an electronic funds transmission payment option that can be utilized.  Forms can be picked up at your building or at our head office.  Please see the 'Contact Us' page for our head office location.

Some residents like to pay their rent by debit or credit card.  This can be done at our head office location (no charge to the resident) or you can now utilize a service provided by Rent Moola where you can pay through the internet.  Please note that charges do apply for using Rent Moola.  That charge is billed directly to your debit card.  For more information on Rent Moola and Rent Moola perks please review the information listed below:

Features & Benefits:

  • Free to join and one low service of 2.75% for any credit card payment or $2 for any direct debit payment
  • No other costs
  • Any card, anytime, anywhere
  • Access the MoolaPerks program for exclusive discounts

How It Works

  • Pay rent, parking, storage, deposits and other one time payments online or on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone with your favorite rewards credit card or direct debit
  • No more hassles or costs with writing cheques
  • Eliminate late payments or bounced cheques
  • Turn your existing payments into points or miles for trips and stuff you want